Egyptian Hieroglyphic writing

    Egyptian Hieroglyphic writing
    July 22, 2017 Nahed Salah
    Egyptian hieroglyphics language

    Egyptian Hieroglyphic language

    Egyptian hieroglyphics language are images used as signs in writing. These images reflect drawings of living creatures or parts of living creatures or objects. The ancient Egyptian, when he thought to record events, nature was the source of inspiration for him, including natural phenomena and living things, so he thought to transfer some of nature and surrounding environment to use the image of the meanings he wants to express, Which means expressing its image. If a person is drawn, he means to express the human, as well as the members of the human body, or animal and its members, as well as birds, reptiles insects, and then there are trees, plants, mountains, seas and rivers.

    However, the Egyptian hieroglyphics words already written in this way are very few. Instead, Egyptian hieroglyphic symbols have also been used to express the sounds of words in the ancient Egyptian hieroglyphics language, just as in current languages such as Arabic, English, etc. They are letters that make up the sounds of words, and Egyptian hieroglyphics are signs that form the voices of words.

    This is the common usage among the scholars of Egyptology, which is the Latinization of the sounds of hieroglyphic words. This method is a good system from the beginning and we encourage the ancient Egyptian hieroglyphics language learners to use this translation when reading the ancient Egyptian language.

    The strange thing about this method is that Egyptian hieroglyphics did not write down the vowel letters (a, e, i, o, u) as in some Semitic languages that use only consonants. Although this sounds strange to the study of European languages such as English, French, and German, the reader will get used to it easily. In any case, scholars are familiar with the use of fractions to separate consonants in the Egyptian hieroglyphics language by not knowing the exact pronunciation.

    The marks used in the ancient Egyptian hieroglyphics writing, in terms of use, are divided into two main types:

    “Indicograms”: the signs that indicate the meaning of the word, there are languages still rely on this method of graphic writing in Chinese writing. Some modern expression methods still use this method like “♥” as love.

    “Phonograms”: They are signs that indicate a particular sound in the word such as the letters in the current languages. If they differ in their diversity, they are divided into the following types:

     Unilateral signs, Bilateral signs, Trilateral signs

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