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Special gifts for someone special

A beautiful portrait of your loved one will make a great impression especially if it’s painted on Egyptian papyrus as if you are giving a piece of Ancient Egypt.




Land of civilization


Egy-Bazaar is an international platform trading in handmade Gifts, crafts, and Souvenirs. we specialize in ancient Egyptian antiques.
our extensive inventory includes pottery, stone, Papyrus, metal, gemstones and silver objects from Egypt Classified in Statues, Papyrus, collectible, Desk decorations, Murals, Silver, and Gemstones.
Whether you are a passionate, antiquarian with specialized interests in history and archaeology, a world-traveling collector of curios, or you are just hoping to find an unusual gift – our gallery collection has a truly comprehensive selection of antiques belonging to ancient Egyptian culture from ancient Egypt Browse through our collections by category and you will find that we have items representing nearly every historical period recorded culture, ranging from jewelry and decorative items to larger artisan pieces and various high copy historical artifacts.
We offer the highest possible standards of customer care, and we try to offer items which are interesting and special at all price levels.