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About EgyBazaar

Hello, We are Egy-Bazaar
Established 2016 – Egypt.

Egy-Bazaar is an online shop for Egyptian handmade gifts and souvenirs where you can buy all sorts of Egyptian merchandise like papyrus paintings, Egyptian statues, Murals gemstones, Egyptian Hand-Made Perfume Glass Bottles, Hieroglyphic silver cartouches and other Egyptian silver jewelry, and other great gifts from the land of Pharaohs.
Egy-Bazaar will make a great difference to your friends, give them something special. We have a large collection of Egyptian souvenirs, both Pharaonic and Islamic.
Explore the true Egyptian treasures and have it delivered to your door. Egyptian Art and other collectibles that capture the beauty and history of Egypt.
Egy-Bazaar prices are the lowest on the Internet.
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Our purpose is to bring our customers passions to life by helping them express themselves and connect with others through unique designs and products.